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Painting and Finishing the Barbie Kart #5

1 day ago

Today we finish the Barbie Mustang! In this episode we paint the wheels tires and shifter. We also make some fine-tunes to get everything right. This is the last ...

7.3 Power Stroke Diesel Bus Conversion #1

7 days ago

Today at grind hard plumbing company we got the 7.3 power stroke diesel bus running! First step for the bus conversion was got everything we didn't need.

First Test Drive in the 70MPH Barbie Car #4

1 week ago

The first test drive in the front engined go kart Barbie car. In this episode we fit the wing, gas tank and the shell then go for a rally session. Song: Recall - Edwin ...

Toyota Tacoma Rally Montage

2 weeks ago

Today Ethan and Edwin rally the totaled Toyoda Tacoma and remove the bed of the truck to reduce weight for future plans. Anyone catch that frame rust though?

Barbie Car Build #3 - Fixing the Chain and Shifter

2 weeks ago

Today we take a detailed look at how we set up the chain and shifter in the front engined Barbie Kart. Thanks for the support guys! Film/Edit/Music - Edwin Olding ...

Can We Hot-Wire This Abandoned Toyota Tacoma?

2 weeks ago

Today Ethan teaches the grind hard crew how to hot-wire a truck and we got try and get a totaled Toyota Tacoma running for the first time in two years! We have ...

Barbie Car Gets Custom Engine Mounts and Drivetrain - Building the Barbie Kart #2

2 weeks ago

In this video we show the Grind Hard Crew how we set up the front engined go kart and drive train for the barbie car build. Front engined go karts are very rare ...

Barbie Car Stunts! 10k Sub Celebration!

3 weeks ago

Today we celebrate 10000 subscribers joining the Grind Hard Crew with another stunt! We hit 10k so fast we haven't even released the buss conversion build ...

Building the Barbie Car Episode #1 - $250 Go Kart Craigslist Find

3 weeks ago

The first problem of the Barbie car build was the price. Buying all the go kart parts individually was going to be way too expensive, so I hopped on Facebook ...

Sending a Snowmobile Over an Outhouse

3 weeks ago

We are super excited to have the Grind Hard Crew over 1000 strong! We will be doing stunts for every subscriber mile stone, so make sure to share our channel!

Barbie Car vs. Honda Odyssey Street Race

4 weeks ago

While speed testing our power wheels mustang, we got challenged to a street race with a Honda Odyssey. The barbie mustang completely blew it away!

Worlds First Rotating Two Story Tree House (How It Was Built)

4 weeks ago

Today we tour Ethan Schlussler's two story tree house that rotates 360 degrees. Hung in a western larch tree by a custom steel bracket thing, it is the world's first ...

World's Fastest Mustang Power Wheels Toy Car

1 month ago

Today we test the front engined Power Wheels go kart for top speed. We clocked in at 72 MPH and got a 16 second quarter mile and a 0 to 60 in 6 seconds.

Building the Power Wheels Go Kart - Raw Time Lapse

1 month ago

Welcome to Grind Hard Plumbing Company! The channel where we build crazy cars and contraptions. This is a raw time lapse with no commentary. In this time ...

Real Engine in a Barbie Car!

1 month ago

Welcome to Grind Hard Plumbing Co! The Youtube show where we build crazy contraptions and cars. In today's episode, we show off our front engined Power ...

Spring Matsuri Drift Event with Garage 52

1 month ago

Getting rowdy with Garage 52 at the Spring Matsuri 2018 drift event at Spokane Raceway. Film - Edit Edwin Olding Contact - edwin{at} Music ...